Mt. Prospect Baptist Church

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Church Schedule

Sunday School...10:00 am
Worship Service...11:15 am

Prayer...9:30 am
Bible Study...10:00
Senior Ministry...11:30am
Prayer...6:30 pm
Bible Study..7:00pm

Food Pantry...10:00 - noon


Mt. Prospect is an exciting place to join with others on the journey of seeking their purpose in life. It's a home for the whole family to learn about God in a practical way. We are rooted in God's Word (The Bible), serious about the truths found in the Word and serious about applying these truths to our everyday lives.

Paul wrote to the Romans: "in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." What is this? It's a family! So what does the MPBC family look like? We are an intergenerational group celebrating the diversity of our lives together. Young, not so young, married, single, widowed, different economic circumstances...all facets of life are represented in our family.

We seek to grow closer to God through study of the Bible and prayer, but also apply what we've learned to our day to day lives in a practical way. But it's not just about us; we are also enthusiastic about reaching the community with the Good News of life in Jesus Christ. We are not perfect, as a matter of fat, we are far from it! But we know the One who is and we strive to not only emulate Him but draw closer to Him.

Yours in Christ,

William Ferguson

Church Mission Statement: As a family of believers, we come together to worship, to praise and to study God's Word. We nurture each other in faith, love and obedience to Christ so that we may teach, baptize and make disciples of all men.

Church Vision Statement: To be the church of choice by loving God , loving people and introducing the community to Christ.

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